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The Budgerigar Club

The Budgerigar Society had a Pet Section some years ago and it never really took off because the main focus of the Society was exhibition budgerigars. The new concept of a separate club came about prior to the Covid pandemic but was delayed because of lock-down issues. Eventually, The Budgerigar Club was launched in November 2021.

The name The Budgerigar Club was chosen because it was the original name of The Budgerigar Society and it seemed befitting to celebrate the society’s long and illustrious history by using this name. The Budgerigar Club remains an affiliate of the Budgerigar Society.

The principal of the club is to provide a support network to all owners of budgerigars and those who breed budgerigars mainly for pets. The club is open to anyone world-wide for a single family payment of £10. This  covers a 12 month period, irrespective of when you join.

The club will also provide a pathway from pet budgerigars to exhibition budgerigars should you choose to take it.

Budgerigars make wonderful companions and the aim of this club is to enhance the enjoyment of ownership.

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