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The Budgerigar Club

The Pathway From Owner To Exhibitor

Discover the joys of the Budgerigar

Whether you:

  • Own one or more budgerigars as pets in your home.
  • Have a collection of budgerigars and other birds in an aviary in your garden.
  • Breed budgerigars at home or in your garden.
  • Exhibit or want to exhibit your birds.
  • Want access to the knowledge base of  The Budgerigar Society.

The Budgerigar Club has something to offer you.

And if you are considering showing your budgerigars, we can provide you with the Pathway from owner to exhibitor.

Membership is just £10 for 12 months and is for your entire family (at the same address).

Budgie Pets

Limited time sign up offer!

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