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Membership Benefits

  • A Welcome Letter from the Chairman of The Budgerigar Society.
  • Extensive information on the care of your budgerigars – developed since 1925.
  • Access to the Budgerigar Society Pet Breeder’s Directory.
  • The “Gold Standard” in closed rings for breeders. (Issued in January each year and are not for exhibiting in Young Bird classes at BS patronage shows)
  • A unique membership number and virtual membership card.
  • Exclusive Budgerigar Club seed mixes and other products. (Coming Soon)
  • Specialist veterinary list.
  • A dedicated website, with Members Only access to exclusive parts.
  • Member’s features and photo gallery. (Not to be used for self-promotion or advertising.)
  • Be a part of an exclusive community of budgerigar enthusiasts.
  • With more great opportunities being added.
The Budgerigar Club reserves the right to refuse membership, within legislative requirements*, without assigning a reason.  *Equality Act 2010

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