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If you have more than one budgerigar, they have a choice of which language to learn and they will both choose to talk fluent budgie. With a single budgie you stand a much-improved chance of a talking budgie. Before teaching your bird to talk he should be finger tame.

Stage 1

Get the budgie used to you – he/she will not talk if scared of you. The tamer your budgie is, the greater the chance of success. While you’re teaching your budgie, remain calm and talk in a quiet controlled voice. Don’t shout or wave your hands.

Stage 2

Start with short statements each including his name – “good morning Bobby” or “how is my little Bobby doing today?” or “I love you Bobby”. Your bird will see a pattern there. Say the word more slowly, “Bob-eee” and repeat that a few times. Your budgie will realise that this is an important word in your communication and will want to repeat it.

Stage 3

Keep sentences simple – once your budgie can say a word or two, you can start with simple sentences. Who’s a pretty boy etc.

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