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Number Of Rounds

How many nests should each pair be allowed?

This is a difficult question because the answer could be seen to be controversial. In days past and in the view of many fanciers even today, pairs should be restricted to rearing two out of three rounds of eggs, with the final round being fostered to other pairs. The ideal clutch size being four chicks and a single chick nest should be avoided – these should be either fostered to another pair or other chicks fostered into the single chick nest. If you do move chicks or eggs around the nests make a note of any changes and then correct pedigree information can be maintained.

However, many breeders today believe that so long as the pair remain fit and healthy, and chicks are being successfully reared, then the number of rounds has little impact on the adults. In fact, when split up after two rounds, it is not unusual for the pair, which are still in tip top breeding condition, to become unwell because of the stresses caused by the removal of the breeding environment.

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