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Under normal circumstances the time between laying and hatching is 18 days assuming fertility. Testing for the presence of an embryonic chick may be carried out on the sixth day after incubation has commenced. This may be achieved with the use of a Candling Torch available from the Budgerigar Club, this device shines a bright light into the shell enabling blood vessels in the yolk to be seen quite clearly if the egg is fertile. The hen exclusively incubates on the eggs although the cock bird may join her in the nest box.

On the basis that everything is in order, the first chicks will hatch out followed by its nest mates on the following alternate days.

Sometimes fertile eggs are overdue in hatching. An idea that has worked on many occasions is putting a two or three-day old chick in with the eggs as this seems to encourage the unborn chicks to start hatching – remember to record the move of the chick.

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