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Finger Training

Rather than trying to get your budgie to perch on your finger by moving your hand in the cage, just put your hand inside the cage and hold it still. Before you do this. please always ensure that all windows, doors and any other potential “escape routes” are closed. Budgerigars are very inquisitive and will soon come and investigate your hand. Some birds will respond very quickly, others take a little longer and after a few days the bird will become familiar with your hand and will soon be perching on it. Once you have your bird’s confidence taming will progress very quickly.

A budgie may bite if scared or as a warning, so keep calm when handling it. Don’t worry about getting bitten as their bites rarely draw blood. Name your budgie and say its name often, especially when you feed it, so that it gets used to its new name. Just talk in a gentle and calm voice. Never pull away abruptly or overreact as the budgie will think it’s a game. If handling or holding your bird, then try not to hold it too tightly which can cause distress or harm the bird.

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