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Cages For Pets

You should buy as big a cage as you can accommodate. The length of the cage is much more important than its height. 90 cm long by 60 cm deep x 60 cm tall would be an ideal size for one or two budgies. It is important that the birds can spread their wings in the cage, and it is easy for you to clean.


Budgies love a swing, and it will provide when with endless fun. They can be made from wood or plastic.

Seed Hoppers

Seed hoppers fit through a hole in the side of your cage, and you can access them without placing your hands inside the cage. These tend to hold very small quantities of seed, and husks quickly build up. It may look like there is seed in the hopper but it is buried under the husk, leaving the bird with nothing to eat.

Seed Bowls

An open bowl on the floor of the cage makes for easy feeding for your budgerigar. They should be removed at least once a day and any husks blown out before replenishing the eaten seed. Then weekly, the bowl should be completely emptied, and the seed replaced.


Most cages will come with perches and in modern cages they may be plastic. Ideally, these should be made from wood, and we would recommend changing them if yours are plastic. Although wooden doweling is fine for perches, it is preferable to provide perches of differing diameters to exercise the bird’s feet. Natural perches are excellent, most fruit tree branches would be suitable – apple is the best. Make sure natural perching is clean before putting it into the cage – baking in the oven does the job well.


When birds see their reflection, they think they are seeing another bird, not themselves and so it is a great accessory for a single bird. They can spend hours looking at, preening with and chattering to their reflection. Some will even regurgitate seed to try and feed their image. For some birds, a mirror will have a positive effect on their wellbeing.


A ladder in the cage is a traditional toy for your budgerigar. The best location is to place it between the floor and first perch. They can be either plastic or wooden.


There are a variety of drinkers available from open dishes to drip feeders. The most popular are the fountain type that clip to the wires of the cage.


Budgies are attracted to noise and a bell fits the bill exactly.


Most budgerigars enjoy a weekly bath in tepid or room temperature water.

You can either buy a bath that clips over the door of their cage, or you can place a shallow bowl of water on the floor of the cage.

A bath will encourage your bird to preen and help keep his feathers clean. Expect some splashing.

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