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National Cage Bird Association (NCA)

This organisation is the umbrella organisation for all cage bird enthusiasts catering for the British, Budgerigar, Canary and Foreign Bird Fancies.

Its objectives are to promote the welfare, study, breeding, development and exhibition of birds within a managed environment. To represent the hobby of aviculture within the U.K. To liaise with Government Departments in forming legislation relating to all aspects of aviculture. To promote and protect the interest of breeders and exhibitors. To stimulate and encourage greater public interest in the objectives of the NCA. To assist the progress of scientific knowledge. To promote education and awareness of aviculture. To serve as a parent body in a closely knit affiliation of like-minded groups. To establish common codes of conduct within aviculture. To facilitate the exchange of research information. To reward work of outstanding merit with awards or other marks of recognition.


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